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I think you are cured

I think you are cured

How to treat yourself in 7 days

-Treatment is used for 7 consecutive days.
-The treatment contains 7 papers printed with the luxurious saffron.
-These seven days are washed three times, and those who love to wash every day for seven days can do so.

-Saffron used in spells (erasure) of the finest saffron, added the mechanism of Zamzam water and water and the return of a marki several times with the intention of healing, the verses were printed on paper dedicated to the treatment of psychological, organic and spiritual diseases in the way of wiping and drinking in the ear of Allah Almighty.

-the method of use for drinking:

1-Prepare a bottle of potable water (liters and half) and provide Zamzam water good and blessings.
2-Empty the liter and half in a bowl and put the first sheet of paper for 5 minutes to erase the saffron.
3-After the saffron erases the paper, pull it out of the water and throw it.
4-Return the water to the vial and drink from this water throughout the day with the intention of healing God willing.
5-it is possible to prepare the coffee or tea from the water.
6-Repeat the same way daily by preparing the water and drinking it until the leaves are finished.

-the method of use of ablution:

1-when showering is left in the water bottle (about a quarter), then add plain water from the tap until it is filled.
2-You can add over the water of a rose water spoon or some musk drops to make the smell of water fragrant.
3-After you wash with water and soap and finish pouring water from the head to the rest of the body.
4-Leave the traces of water on your body and wipe it with towel only, finished.
5-To provide you with Seder leaves possible with each wash time beats 7 leaf Sidr and pour water over them and wash.
6-when showering with water, it is preferable to assemble water and throw it in a clean place or on soil.

-The next day, bring a bottle of water and a new pint, with a new saffron leaf and repeat the same steps, drink and wash and so on until the leaves are finished.
-who had a spiritual disease or a psychological or neurological condition healed by the permission of Allah Almighty.