Definition and types of magic

Definition and types of magic

Definition and types of magic
Definition and types of magic

Definition and types of magic

Magic in Language:

Al-Azhari said: Witchcraft is a work that brings the devil closer to Satan and his aid.
He also said the origin of witchcraft was to distract the thing from his truth, and the magician when he saw the hero in the picture of truth
Magic in the Convention:
Fakhruddin al-Razi said: Witchcraft in the tradition of Sharee’ah is an expert on every thing that hides his cause and imagines his truth, and conducts the course of camouflage and deception.

Definition of Magic:

-It is an agreement between a magician and a demon that the magician does some taboos or deeds in exchange for aiding Satan or obeying him in what he asks.
Witchcraft is the sophistication, incantations, spells and words that the Magician speaks, writes, or works with something that influences the enchanted hull, heart, or mind of the enchanted human being, from which he kills, what is sick, what divides one’s wife and one who hates each other.
Truth of Magic:
-The fact magic has a presence, and its effects appeared on the Enchanted said exalted: (They came with great charm)… Customs 116
The recipe of Allah Almighty in the bone even if it was not true for what is described as such, and there is magic what is imagination as Ezz said about the witches of Pharaoh (seems to him from their charm they seek…. Taha 66
Any seems to Moses that the ropes seek as the snakes of the power of their magic.
Magic is not on the same pace as it is multi-species, but its types are interconnected and converge in many things.
Some means of witchcraft in approaching Satan:
One of the witches who wears the mushaf in his feet enters the open, including those who write verses from the Qur’an with filth, including those who write them in the blood of menstruation, including those who write the Qur’an on the bottom of his feet, and some of them write the Fatiha inverse, and some of them pray without Wudoo ‘, and some of them will stay side When slaughtering, the carcass is thrown in a place that is determined by Satan, and from whom he speaks to the planets and prostrated to them without God, from whom his mother or daughter comes, and who writes Talsama with non-Arabic words bearing the meanings of kufr.
From here we find that the genie does not help the magician and serves him only in return, the more the magician the more Kufr the devil was more obedient to him, and faster in the execution of time, and if the magician fails to carry out what Shaytan ordered him from matters of Kafri, Satan refrained from his service and disobeyed him, the magician and the Devil Two partners met on sin God.

Types of magic in terms of their effect on the charm of them:
1)-Magic exchange or magic differentiation
2)-The charm of kindness-love or succession
3)-Magic Imagination
4)-The Charm of disease
5)-Magic Madness
6)-Magic phones.
* First: The Magic of Drainage (differentiation):
-It is the work of witchcraft to differentiate between spouses or to spread hatred and hate between friends and partners for certain reasons, based on the recommendation of the magician.
Imam ibn Katheer (may Allaah have mercy on him) said that the reason for distinguishing between the couple with witchcraft is what seems to the man or woman from the other view or creation or so of the reasons for the band (meaning that they both see what they are averse to the other.
Symptoms of the charm of differentiation:
* The circumstances suddenly change from the love of wood to hatred and regardless.
* The aggravation of social problems and the many doubts between them and not to seek excuses.
* Absolute hatred of the actions and acts of these persons and their whereabouts.
* Bad-thinking and utter whispers of these people.
* The image of the man in the eyes of his wife and the heart of the wife in her husband’s eyes the man sees his wife in ugly view and opposite to the wife.
How does the magic of differentiation happen? :
-The man goes to the magician and asks him to differentiate between this and his wife, so the magician asks him to give him the name of the man to be charmed and the name of his mother and then asks for a trace of his effects (his hair-his dress-his…) If he can’t do magic on water for example and order him to pour it in the way of Put him on food or drink.

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